Network Webinar

Tax and commercial fraud risk: prevention, rectification and oversight


While risks managed by in-house tax functions focus on compliance, transparency, and reputation, the tax will also be involved in mitigating the risk of criminal activities, such as fraud or tax evasion, and at times investigating and rectifying it. What preventative and detection measures can the tax function put in place?

At this meeting, attendees will also consider the right composition of teams to manage risks of fraud and how to rectify and manage confidentiality. Attendees will explore aspects of relevant legislation, such as the Corporate Criminal Offence (CCO), which drives behavior and processes to combat tax evasion, as well as consider relationships with tax and other regulatory authorities in these circumstances.

The meeting will draw on practical experiences where Tax has been central to addressing fraudulent activity, including that originating from within the organisation as well as externally, uncovered, for example, in the course of M&A transactions.


Adam Eagers

Group Tax Director (Europe)

AS Watson



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