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Winmark business leaders forum: improving social mobility and diversity


Despite good progress in recent years, research shows that only 2.5% of executive teams are from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, and just 1.5% of senior roles in the UK private sector are held by Black individuals (BITC, 2020). The Centre for Economic Performance have also raised concerns about declining social mobility levels amongst the ‘Covid generation’ noting rising levels of economic and educational inequality.

For those CEO’s who want to give back to society, the challenges are significant, and they realise that they can’t do it alone. But through effective leadership, investment and collaboration, they can effectively partner with others inside and outside their organisation to make a meaningful, lasting difference for a greater number of individuals.

In this roundtable session, we invite CEOs and business leaders who are at various stages on their journey to share their aspirations and concerns with each other and explore potential actionable solutions.

Agenda will be dictated by the group but may include:

  • Addressing real challenges, blockers and accelerators for senior executives who want to create a legacy by giving back
  • Aligning personal values with corporate purpose and business strategy
  • Overcoming internal resistance and engaging stakeholders to ensure buy-in
  • Exploring how initiatives like apprenticeship programmes can support improving diversity and social mobility

*Sessions will not be recorded and take place under Chatham House Rule*


Oonagh Harpur

Independent Non Executive


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