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Difficult conversations: re-branding and challenging our sector's narrative


For too long the prevailing narrative around housing has been negative and divisive, with blame for the nation’s housing crisis falling squarely on the shoulders of RP’s and local authorities.

The sector has been much maligned in recent times and in a post-truth world driven by social media, owning and shaping your narrative is more important than ever and organisations must be consistent and transparent regarding how decisions are made with key stakeholders.

So how do we respond? Do we keep our heads down and hope for the best – hope that, as individual organisations, we don’t come under too much scrutiny? Is it time we took reputational risk management seriously, just as commercial organisations have done for decades? Is there now a need to market ourselves, and even justifying our existence?

Creativity is often said to be the silver bullet to advertising success. So rather than leaving it to others to tell our story, let’s work as one to reposition social housing, the people and communities we serve and the contribution that together we make to a fairer, safer society.


Kate Davies


Notting Hill Genesis

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