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Risk and Return: Capital raising part 1 - private equity


Understanding what makes sound capital budgeting and funding decisions is a vital skillset of any senior manager. To contribute more meaningfully to financial decisions in your own company, you need to understand the various ways companies can raise capital and how to manage the risks properly.

In this two-part series, we look at the main types of external equity for funding operations: Public Equity and Private Equity.

In this first session we look at private equity. Through a combination of expert advice and case studies from organisations who have successfully raised capital in this way we examine the cost of this capital, the commitments investors expect, and the cultural changes required to operate in this new environment.

Look out for the second session which will focus on IPOs. The stakes are high, the reporting and regulatory requirements are higher.

This event is designed for both financial and non-financial managers who are responsible for making integrated financial decisions and need a fundamental understanding of the process, players, and strategic considerations required when raising capital.


Robin Bryson

Interim CFO specialising in VC and PE backed Tech and Consumer businesses


Bernie Waldron

Serial Non-Executive Chairman

PE-backed Companies


Chris Godsmark

Managing Partner

Oakley Advisory Limited


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