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Building resilience for you and your team


Google searches for 'symptoms of stress’ increased more than 5000% in 2020 compared to the previous year and according to research by Forbes, more than two thirds (69%) of employees are experiencing symptoms of burnout. With the speed and scale of social and technological change, inadequate mental health training and a global pandemic, our mental health and resilience as a society is suffering.

Most senior managers were never taught the cognitive, emotional or relational skills that are required to build deep mental resilience, yet they are required to exercise duty of care of their staff.

In this interactive session we look at the cognitive and emotional skills required to maintain mental resilience over the long-term and discover practical ways to successfully manage thoughts and emotions.

We explore:

  • The behavioural patterns of resilient people
  • How endurance is not the same as resilience
  • How to balance excellence with sustainable well being
  • How to react to overwhelming experiences


Michael Matania


Tough Cookie

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