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Supply Chain Technology: From Today to Tomorrow – The Practitioners’ View


In partnership with the Singapore Computer Society - Supply Chain Management Chapter

As supply chain vulnerabilities become a greater source of risk, companies are having to invest more time and energy in ensuring their products can reach customers. It is also clear that industry cannot continue with what worked two years ago and leading organisations are making alternative plans and executing them right now. Ground-breaking technologies are now available in the supply chain to improve resilience, speed and sustainability. And if you aren’t using these new ways of working your competitor will.

Are we prepared for that change? To get to tomorrow we need to be able to ‘vision’ it, plan for it and then execute on those plans. Speakers from leading companies in the industry will discuss their vision, some of the technologies they believe will support that vision and what barriers to success that they will need to overcome. They will also share key lessons from their own experiences and what they will expect as senior leaders from their supporting technologists.

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Noel Singgih

Chief Information Officer – APAC

DHL Supply Chain


Ho Ghim Siew

Head of Group Strategy & Cargo Solutions

PSA International Pte Ltd



Jeffrey Tan

Head, Group Corporate Development & Group Technology

YCH Group



Ferhad Ismail

Head of TMS Solutions

Toll Group

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