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Strengthening the Customer Voice and the Future of Consumer Regulation


What a strange but interesting year it’s been for housing and for tenant engagement. For those who thought tenant engagement was only about gathering in common rooms and community halls, the past year has been a revelation. Changes that we thought would take years has taken weeks, and it has brought in a new group of tenants and residents to supplement the already established voices in many organisations.

The new Director of Consumer Regulation at the Regulator of Social Housing has said that incoming changes will result in a culture change for some landlords. For all of the work that remains to be done, there must be a "golden thread" that connects the expectation of resident power to shape decisions, regulatory independence and landlord accountability, as well as proportionate decision-making. The sector may be at the start of this challenging large project, but this is the perfect time to get involved and ensure it takes the right shape.

Join us for a fascinating discussion with Kate Dodsworth, Director of Consumer Regulation at RSH, on organisation’s delivery of the new proactive consumer regulation regime set out in the government’s Social Housing White Paper.


Kate Dodsworth

Director of Consumer Regulation

Regulator of Social Housing


Elizabeth Froude

Group Chief Executive Officer

Platform Housing Group


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