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HR beyond the C-Suite: Strategy, leadership and the board


Peter Drucker once famously said ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Despite this, less than 18% of the world’s companies take into account the true reality of their corporate culture before implementing a strategic change process. As every HR leader knows, it doesn’t matter if the strategy is good and structures are in place, if you’re not dealing with the people – you have nothing.

Given that people are fundamental in the success of any strategy, what can HR leaders do to shift internal thinking from one of aligning systems and processes to engage with people and understanding culture?

In this session, we look at the leadership role that HR can play in setting the direction for their company and the qualities that HR leaders - and the C-Suite - must embody in order to move forward effectively.

We look at:
• Managing tension and conflict
• Effective challenge
• Emotional and political intelligence


Andrew Kakabadse

Professor of Governance & Leadership,

Henley Business School



Haidée Klein

Head of HR – Europe



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