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Maintaining Competitiveness in a Privacy-first Future


Concerns over digital privacy protection have increased over the past few years and will come to a head in 2023 when Google will ban the use of third-party cookies. This upcoming ‘cookie apocalypse’ will force brands to do the hard work of innovating into a first-party and consented data ecosystem. Customer data acquisition will require a shift in thinking and acting in terms of value exchange in order to maintain a competitive edge. These plans to eliminate data leveraging techniques that breach consumer privacy mean that it is crucial for organisations to establish stewardship over customer data, leveraging new marketing strategies and platforms, and activate using customer data platforms (CDPs). In this session, our speakers will shed light on what a 'privacy first' future will look like and how organisations must start preparing now to adapt to a cookieless world.


Steve Lok


Global Customer Data Strategy,

Media Monks



David Hamilton

Director of Communications and Marketing


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