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Getting maximum value from your benefit provision and communicating effectively with your staff


The purpose of any benefits strategy is usually to ensure your employees feel motivated, valued, and secure in their jobs. Sadly, our latest research shows that many employees do not feel this way with 55% of employees stating that they do not feel their employer cares about them. Understandably, this is a bitter pill to swallow for employers.
Employers often spend vast sums on their benefits strategies and in many cases already have all the pieces to the jigsaw puzzle. However, they sometimes do not have the infrastructure and communication strategy in place to ensure their employees understand and value the tools they already have available.

This session will look at how you can ensure you get maximum value from your benefits strategy, including looking at methods to ensure your employees value the benefits offered to them.

In addition, we will look at “Collective Defined Contribution” schemes, which sit between traditional defined benefit and traditional defined contribution. Legislation has recently been put in place to permit these schemes, with a scheme for Royal Mail employees expected to be the high-profile frontrunner. We will discuss the pros and cons of such an approach and consider whether these schemes could form part of the sector’s benefits provision in the future.


Chris Bunford


Lane Clark & Peacock LLP (LCP)


Josh Hayes

Associate consultant

Lane Clark & Peacock LLP (LCP)


Richard Soldan


Lane Clark & Peacock LLP



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