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What happened at Greensill Capital? The Finance Director's perspective


How did a fintech 'unicorn' rise up so rapidly to a $7bn valuation and fall so abruptly in a few months? The story involves high-profile entrepreneurs and investors, questions about the oversight of regulators, and a lobbying scandal in the UK. Attendees will hear the story behind the headlines from the former Group FD. Was Greensill's business model behind Supply Chain Finance fundamentally flawed? Or did it simply try to grow too fast, too soon? What are the lessons that can be learned by in-house Finance teams working in a fast-growing entrepreneur-driven business caught up in a Covid credit squeeze under the gaze of the press and politicians?


Al Eadie

former Group Finance Director,

Greensill Capital



Simon Lindrea

Head of UK CFO and Financial Services Practice

Page Group


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