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AI in legal and compliance


As the use of Artificial Intelligence becomes more widespread, it is inevitable that in-house Legal teams of all sizes, will start to use AI platforms to automate certain high volume tasks from contract reviews to regulation and compliance duties.

In response to the proliferation of artificial intelligence use in companies, the European Union is working on a legal framework to regulate its use. Like GDPR, this will impact all organisations over the coming years regardless of whether they are based in the EU. With new rules likely to be in place by 2023, now is the time for General Counsel to start looking at not only how AI can benefit their team but how they can prepare their organisations to start using AI effectively and responsibly.

In this session, our speakers will look specifically at the use of AI in legal work and also shed light on how the new AI regulations will impact their business and how legal professionals can navigate the new environment successfully.

The session will cover:

  • Recent developments in the technology
  • Training and testing
  • Assurance
  • Transparency
  • Human oversight
  • Risk management systems


Peter Sukosd

Legal, Compliance and Public Affairs Director

Extreme Digital-eMAG Kft


Barry Scannell

Director of Legal Affairs & Regulatory Compliance

Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO)


Paul Jackson

Chair of Oxford Brookes AI & Data Analysis Network


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