Network Webinar

Post-pandemic workforce reskilling and upskilling


The post-pandemic economic and cultural climate combined with rapid adoption of new technologies, has dramatically upended traditional ways of working. For HR and IT leaders, there is an urgent need to assess the skills and capabilities within their workforce to ensure they can make the most of new opportunities.

By encouraging employees to develop new skills and seek out new roles, helps organisations retain valuable employees, is cheaper than hiring new talent and improves organisational resilience.

Our speakers will provide insight into how you can craft talent strategies that develop critical capabilities of employees, how to adapt to rapidly changing conditions and technology, and how to match workers with new roles and activities.

Discussion points include:

  • Future-proofing the workforce: Upskilling through incremental changes  
  • Maintaining organisational performance 
  • Encouraging digitalization by developing IT skills 
  • Creating a culture of continuous development  
  • Using skills development to attract talent 
  • Use of hybrid learning approaches to scale development programmes


Tom Lovell

Managing Director



Rebecca Robins

Global Chief Learning and Culture Officer



Donald Taylor

Network Chair,

Emerge Education


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