Network Webinar

Letting your people lead you


What can we learn from our people? What has COVID demonstrated to CEO’s and business leaders about the importance of trust?

In this session we will explore the importance of identifying our peoples core skills to put them to optimum use with the objective of improving the wider performance of the business. Perhaps more than ever, organisations relied on their employees and were more attuned to their personal situations, which was critical to the businesses fulfilling its goals. In this session members will discuss:

  • How has the change in work changed perceptions of what we do and what we stand for? What have we learned from our people?
  • The importance of engaging your people to help you learn more about what your people like, what can be improved & whether the values & purpose align
  • Does autonomy = productivity? How do you get the balance right?
  • How to make line management effective remotely
  • Is work changing from Task based to Outcome based and what challenges/opportunities does this bring?


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