Network Webinar

Translating technology: bridging the gap between IT experts and the business


The scale, complexity and speed of change in the world of data and technology means there is often a disconnect between internal data experts and commercial teams and customers.

All businesses require ‘data and tech translators’ who can not only understand how to utilise technology and data but be able to communicate complex concepts to a non-technical audience. This is especially important for boards as they must be able to make better decisions, drive value and better organisational performance from complex data and be assured of the integrity of that data.

In time, digital transformation and new technologies will mean that everyone must become enabled and empowered to manage their data and make data-driven decisions - not just leaders and data teams. In this session, we explore how organisations can develop necessary skills internally to make the most out of the information and technology they use and how boards can set the tone from the top.


Aruj Haider

Chief Digital and Innovation Officer

Westminster City Council


Andrew Marks

Chief Information Officer

Paragon Group


Tim Moody

Head of Application and Multi Cloud



Lisa Barrett

Vice President, Learning, Innovation and Operations



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