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Stakeholders vs Shareholders: aligning interests and the role of the board


Shareholder-value thinking still dominates the business world. But in today’s purpose-driven, complex, and fast-changing world, a culture of driving shareholder value alone is becoming ineffective, and increasingly there is an expectation that businesses will take into account all stakeholders in their decision-making. More and more companies are asking questions like How does this help society? How does this benefit our customers? How does this affect our employees? In doing so, they are developing multi-stakeholder approaches and complex decision-making models to serve the needs of those stakeholders that are vital to long-term sustainable growth.

In this session, we look at why companies must look beyond their shareholders and consider the range of stakeholders that are vital to their very existence. Using comparisons and contrasts across public interest companies, public sector, plc, private organisations, we also explore the critical role of the board in challenging outdated mindsets and aligning stakeholder and shareholder interests.


Dr. Roger Barker

Director of Policy and Corporate Governance

Institute of Directors (IoD)


Celia Pronto

Non-Executive Director

South East Water, Moto Hospitality, Samworth Brothers and an ambassador for Women on Boards


Dominic Johnson CBE

CEO & Founding Partner

Somerset Capital Management LLP


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