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The GC role in achieving net-zero


ESG issues, particularly around climate action and Net Zero are gaining huge traction in businesses and society. This is both due to the environmental imperative and because inaction from companies on climate change now poses substantial enterprise and business continuity risks including reduced access to capital, fines from regulators, and loss of customers.

In November, Glasgow hosts UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) at which additional pressure will undoubtedly be placed on business to take further action. In response, in-house lawyers could be a potent accelerator of change within the business, creating the positive momentum to develop and sustain the necessary carbon reduction strategies. However, there may be a lack of awareness of what is needed, appropriate guidance on how to do it, and assurance to apply this pressure.

In this session, we ask, what is legitimate Net Zero, and what is greenwash? Our speakers outline a framework to provide confidence to in-house counsel to move forward and advise businesses on how to deliver rapid and meaningful climate action.


Kirin Kalsi

Head of Legal UK,



Mark Maurice-Jones

General Counsel & Compliance Officer,

UK & Ireland, Nestlé


Adam Woodhall

Executive Director

Lawyers for Net Zero


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