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Next-generation boards and board apprentices


Today's leaders are increasingly recognising that they have to think very differently in terms of leadership as a mindset and about future leadership.

We will be in conversation with both the founder and a member of, a pioneering next-generation board. Rebecca Robins, Global Chief Learning and Culture Officer at Interbrand, will share her experience of introducing a next-gen board and the transformative effect it is already having across the organisation. Milan-based Margherita Cortesi, a founding member of Interbrand's Horizon Board will share her experiences, from how the board has worked together and interacted with the leadership team and mainboard, as well as some of their achievements to date.

Facilitated by Patrick Dunne, Chair of the EY Foundation and another pioneer of next-gen boards, we will explore a range of approaches to developing next-gen boards and supporting Board apprentices as well as the opportunities, practical challenges, and emerging best practices.


Rebecca Robins

Global Chief Learning and Culture Officer,



Margherita Cortesi

Consultant, Strategy,



Patrick Dunne

Chair EY Foundation, Author of "Boards"



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