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Intentional Integrity with Rob Chesnut, former GC, Airbnb


Former General Counsel of Airbnb, Robert Chesnut is convinced that companies that do not think seriously about– integrity – a crucial element of corporate culture, are destined to fail.

This thought-provoking, interactive experience will help you prioritize integrity and ethics in the workplace and equip you with tools for your professional and personal life.

Rob was the founder of the Trust and Safety Department for eBay and the integrity training programme for Airbnb, two companies dependent on trust that had to invent the rules in the new frontiers of e-commerce and online platforms. He will explain how GC’s can encourage an ethical revolution within their business cultures and in doing so, how companies can enhance their reputations, brands and the bottom line.

We will also explore:

  • How to implement cultures change to improve integrity
  • The rationale and legal context for workplace ethics and practices
  • The tools to assess your organisation’s culture and integrity

Reading Chesnut’s book Intentional Integrity: How Smart Companies Can Lead an Ethical Revolution prior to the workshop is recommended.


Rob Chesnut

Former Chief Ethics Officer & General Counsel




Vincent Pringiers

General Counsel

Maxion Wheels


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