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Keeping Sustainability a Leadership Priority


The session is designed to help CSO’s ensure that Boards, CEOs and C-Suite Executives keep sustainability high on their agenda. Whether making economic choices in favour of sustainability over profitability or setting meaningful targets, the Board need to get behind sustainability or climate ambitions to create business transformation.

Susan Hooper has senior experience from a variety of sectors and is now a Non-Executive Director of Uber, Moonpig, Affinity Water and The Rank Group. Susan is also a co-founder and member of the board of Chapter Zero, the Directors’ climate forum, and will share her views on how best to get the Board and CEO onside to make robust and measurable action on climate change possible. Christopher Reeves, ESG Director, John Laing is an experienced ESG practitioner at executive level and he will give the executive view point.


Christopher Reeves

Director - ESG

John Laing Group plc


Susan Hooper

Non-Executive Director



Richard Nugee

Climate Change and Sustainability Strategy Lead

Ministry of Defence


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