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Assessing the capability of your senior team workshop


Member across our networks have raised a myriad of challenges around team capability including:

  • Delivering business as usual while transforming for the future
  • Admitting and recognising where the gaps are in the team
  • Identifying untapped potential in the team and utilising it

In a world of finite resource, the team will need to engage with external talent to maximise its potential. But what’s the best way to approach this problem? How do you maximise your internal capability by engaging with Open Talent?

At this workshop delegates will apply the “SOLVE"* experience framework to this question. Delegates will benefit from having a clearer roadmap for assessing and addressing the capability gaps of their team; and also an incredibly useful strategic framework that can be applied to many complex questions that arise for their organisation.

*SOLVE - Situation, Obstacles/Opportunites, Landscape, Viewpoint, and Endframe.


David Alberts


Been There Done That


Matthew Hook

Strategy Lead



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