Network webinar

Insights from London Business School on leading high performing teams


The pressure of remote working and increased workloads placed on teams mean that they often spend more time working as disparate individuals rather than exploiting the advantages of working as a collaborative unit. As senior teams are operating in increasingly complex and unpredictable environments problems become harder to define and solutions harder to find.

So, what are the keys to creating high performing teams and how can you recruit effectively to create a productive dynamic?

In this session, we look at the common mistakes and challenges people experience when collaborating and evidence-based advice for collaborating more effectively.

This session looks at how to:

  • engender trust within teams
  • clearly define roles and responsibilities around tasks
  • deal effectively with ‘star players’
  • manage disagreements and stay focussed
  • manage the challenges of working in diverse teams.


Randall Peterson

Professor of Organisational Behaviour

London Business School


Chris Rowlands

Group Director

Executive Network Group


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