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​​​​​​​The challenges of marketing in high-growth companies


Apex Group Ltd. is a global financial services provider founded in 2003. With 45 offices worldwide Apex delivers a range of services to asset managers, capital markets, private clients and family offices.

Over the past 5 years the company has pursued an aggressive growth strategy and through several acquisitions, the business has grown rapidly from 600 to around 4000 employees and servicing assets of about $40bn to just under $1trillion today.

In this session Global Head of Marketing and Communications, Rosie Guest, will take us through the journey she has been on over the past six years and how she has built her team from scratch and transformed the department from a traditional marketing function to an internal ‘revenue machine’.

She will also explore:

  • Challenges around scaling the function with a flat budget;
  • Working within the constraints of a traditional Financial Services company;
  • Post M&A challenges around data centralisation;
  • How to optimise technologies and processes to best effect.


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Apex Group Ltd


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