Network webinar

Tech Governance & Risk


Technology and data is now at the heart of most organisations and the governance, risk and compliance challenges its presents are material. It is no longer sufficient to treat technology as a distinct function of a business, to be treated in isolation.

As it is vital to almost every business function, board and C-Suite members must be not only familiar with the key risks and governance challenges but work in tandem with senior tech colleagues to ensure all business functions are aligned. With the commercial and reputational damage from technology failure and fines for data breaches more serious than ever, companies must get this right.

So, how do you ensure that the right governance controls are in place and that risk exposure is kept to minimum? Can your organisation easily identify who sets the rules and who ensures they are being followed correctly? How are risks assessed and who monitors behaviours within the organisation?

This network meeting will provide insights into issues such as:

  • Use of committees and governance frameworks;
  • Data protection, DPIAs and data retention obligations;
  • Audit rights;
  • Legal liabilities.


Alexia Maas

SVP General Counsel

Volvo Financial Services


Christian Fahey

VP Legal Affairs



Michael Harte

former Chief Operating Officer

Barclays plc and Santander UK


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