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The Burning Issues on the COO Plate


Nathan Bennett is the Author of Riding Shotgun: the role of the COO. Recently updated in 2018, the book is one of the few publications to attempt to crystallise the role of COO and the value it can bring to an organisation.

The number two role in an organisation it is immensely powerful one but is often misunderstood and can vary immensely from company to company. Nathan interviewed 26 COO’s and top executives for the book and in this session he will discuss the skills and knowledge that successful COOs share and explore the context in which modern COOs now operate.

Discussion points include:

  • How technology, data and globalisation have enhanced and complicated the role
  • The key motivators of a great COO
  • The COO role in promoting ESG initiatives
  • Explore how the modern COO can leverage emerging operational models

Nate Bennett

Nathan Bennett is Professor at Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business in Atlanta, USA. He has published in the Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, the Wall Street Journal, and, as well as in a number of well-regarded academic journals. He is a regular contributor on all topic's leadership at Nate is co-author of two books, "Riding Shotgun: The Role of the COO" and “Your Career Game:  How Game Theory Can Help You Achieve Your Professional Goals,” both published by Stanford University Press. His current research interests include top management team effectiveness, millennial leaders, and leadership transitions.


Nate Bennett

Professor and Author

Georgia State University


Darren Carlile

Head of Customer Operations

Capital One


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