Network webinar

Evolving NEDs from operational to strategic: Optimising your NED contribution


In this session we will explore how the role of the NED has evolved over time and the importance of NEDs understanding how their role impacts the wider business objectives. We aim to cover a number of themes on this extremely important topic including:

  • NEDs getting the balance right between understanding the operations of their business and aligning to the strategic plan
  • How Covid changed NEDs responsibilities, why it was important to recognise these changes quickly and process of reverting back to a more strategic outlook in the long-term
  • Why NEDs need to be involved in the journey of digital innovation

We will then go on to look at some key areas for NEDs to consider to fully optimise their contribution including:

  • How to convey your experience in the right way to develop relationships across the business
  • How do you make the best contribution?
  • How do we get organisations to utilise NEDs more effectively?
  • The different types of NED role: private vs public (how to move away from being advisory and have more teeth in the game when making key decisions)
  • Making sure your NED portfolio is maintainable and right for your skill set


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