Network webinar

Board succession planning: getting the right combination of difference


Whilst the case for greater diversity on boards has been generally accepted, it still leaves the problem of where and how businesses can find and develop suitably qualified candidates from different backgrounds.

In this session, we look at the big picture and ask, are organisations doing enough to ensure a diverse talent pipeline, and what needs to change in order to close the diversity gap at the board level?

Our speakers will explore:

  • How to identify and engage new talent
  • Developing skills and confidence in board talent
  • Providing support & flexibility to widen the talent pool
  • Values and behaviour that lead to positive board dynamics
  • Evaluating your current board; skills and personality audits
  • Aligning succession plans with a long-term strategy
  • Getting buy-in and sponsorship across the organisation


Justine Lutterodt

NED, Nominations Committee Chartered Institute of Taxation & Director Centre for Synchronous Leadership


Fiona Hathorn

CEO & Portfolio NED



Alice Maynard

NED, HMRC and Chair, People and Nominations Committee

Board Member, Transport for London


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