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Developing an Anti-Racism Inclusive Culture


This workshop is designed to reveal the impact of racism, unconscious bias and how systemic racism plays a role in often unseen ways, creating barriers to true multicultural diversity, anti-racism and racial justice. We begin the work on courageous conversations asking the tough questions and equipping you with the skills to increase awareness of unconscious bias and begin understanding how to dismantle racism and transform your organisation.

This programme is an invitation to senior leaders to have difficult and courageous conversations, face uncomfortable truths and commit to action and change fundamental to growth, positive change and dismantling racism. 

Workshop Objectives

  1. Improving awareness of unconscious bias and exploring racism as a systemic, institutional problem of power that goes beyond personal prejudice 
  2. Gaining confidence to talk about race, culture, white privilege and difference and the confidence to challenge racism when encountered in work and life 
  3. Building organisational capacity to engage in ongoing “courageous conversations about inclusion, race and racial equity 
  4. Facilitate participants getting in touch with their own bias (including micro-aggressions and behaviours) moving from cognitive level to understanding the emotional impact of racism and, develop the skills required to shift and to interrupt old patterns. 
  5. Training to enable participants to journey from intention of racially just behaviour to reality and practice. 
  6. Introducing methods/strategy to dismantle racism in the organisation.
  7. Helping leaders to begin developing anti-racist practices and strategies within the workplace


Marcia Buxton

Director, Executive Coach, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant



  • 9.30 Welcome and Introductions
  • 9.45 Courageous Conversations
  • 10.15 Diversity, Cultural Identity, Bias and Racial Justice
  • 11.00 Break
  • 11.15 Understanding the Realities of Racism
  • 12.15 Lunch
  • 12.45 What is hard to say, hard to hear
  • 13.15 Racial Inequalities and White Privilege
  • 14.00 Break
  • 14.15 What and why of an inclusive culture
  • 15:30 Closing and Review

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