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Mastering the C-Suite E-Hire and high impact Virtual Onboarding


Pivotal relationships and team culture are built on emotional engagement – but how do you do that in the current E world and with the looming on-off waves of shut-down?

There are many examples of how, even with a rigorous selection process, the business relationships do not gel as quickly as was hoped, leading to a sense of frustration and underperformance caused by relationship dynamics. The Opportunity to bring more of ourselves to work in the current era by revealing more of our whole personality is a great opportunity to increase team bonding and trust.

Using examples and recent references, Boyden Partners, Francesca d’Arcangeli and Andy Wolfe outline the strategies and approach for successful C-Suite E hires and high impact virtual on-boarding.


Francesca D'Arcangeli

Managing Partner, UK & Ireland



Andy Wolfe

Partner, UK & Ireland


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