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Financial well-being and implications for employees post-lockdown


Truly understanding your employees and the impacts of poor financial health will enable you to focus your attention on the areas that will have the greatest impact and engagement.  This will enable you to target communication to improve engagement and decision making and ultimately improved outcomes for the employer as well as employees.

LCP surveyed 10,000 UK employees to get a real snapshot of the nation's financial health in terms of levels of savings and how well people are able to cope with unexpected events. The survey reflects on the employer’s role in building employee resilience and helping them feel more in control of their financial future.

As we start to move out of lockdown, it’s vital we focus our efforts to ensure we get the best from our people and we support them in the right way.  Every household across the country will have felt the impacts of the pandemic, some more extreme than others.  Building financial capability and resilience will be a long road for many, and it’s vital we all play our part in supporting those who need it most.


Heidi Allan

Senior Financial Wellbeing Consultant

Lane Clark & Peacock LLP (LCP)


Richard Soldan 


Lane Clark & Peacock LLP (LCP)


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