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Opportunities and challenges in the post-Covid19 economy


There’s little doubt procurement has come to the fore in 2020. Whether its Mark Carney’s suggestion that we’ll be moving from “just in time” to “just in case”, or the increased advocacy for sustainable supply chain strategies, or the raft of governments contracts awarded to newly created PPE suppliers, it’s fair to say the word procurement is now well & truly in the public consciousness. 

In this session we’ll be delving into the main challenges procurement professionals are currently helping businesses overcome, and identifying what issues are likely to come to the fore over the coming 6-12 months as we ease back into something resembling normality.

We’ll be discussing the economic and organisational changes that seem set to remain post-lockdown, and asking what this means for procurement professionals. Are procurement teams structured appropriately, or indeed suitably empowered, to deal with these challenges, and if not what changes should be made? We’ll also be debating the key opportunities for improvement, both across the procurement profession itself and in how businesses identify, engage and support their supply chain. 

In conclusion: what can CPOs do to ensure their teams survive and thrive in the “new normal”? 



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