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Connecting with your audience: how emotion is key to post-COVID growth


Studies in behavioural science and neuroscience tell us that major societal upheavals cause significant changes in consumer attitudes and behaviour. For CMO’s, the marketing strategies that have worked pre-COVID may not work now and into the future. Understanding the differences in your customers attitudes, preferences and motivations will be essential for business success. Fail to do this and you are likely to struggle to accelerate out of the COVID hiatus.

Andy Brent, former CMO of Boots/Sky/Barclays will lead a discussion exploring the science and reasoning behind how humans form opinions and preferences. We also look at how decision-making changes depending on circumstance and how this insight can be used to steer your business successfully in a post-COVID world. In particular, we look at why emotional connection rather than rational argument, is the key to post-COVID growth, and how to position your business to achieve it. 

The discussion will cover:

  • the work of Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman on the emotional and subconscious drivers that effect human decision-making
  • the challenges for businesses seeking to understand how their customers' attitudes, needs and motivations have changed
  • what we can learn previous events that resulted in fundamental changes in consumer attitudes 
  • how new techniques from the world of behavioural science can help identify societal changes in public attitudes.


Andy Brent

former CMO of Boots, Barclays and Sky and founder of Think Again Growth


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