Network webinar

Build Back Better


Many organisations are through the “emergency” phase of responding to Covid-19, and there is now a growing public discussion about what happens next, particularly how businesses might “build back better”. This raises a number of questions for Non-Execs and CEOs:

  1. Is this real, or just a bit of media excitement? What would it even mean to build back better?
  2. If an organisation is planning to build back better, where should it focus first: internally on capturing and leveraging the changes that have had to be made in how the organisation works, or externally in providing new things to customers whose own situations and needs have changed?
  3. How can NEDs and CEOs know what’s possible, what they might want to consider as building blocks for “better”?

This will be an open, panel discussion with an opportunity to share your own challenges and experiences with your peers.


Christopher Rodrigues


Port of London Authority


Wendy Barnes

Portfolio NED

OCS Group, BMT Group & more


Simon Bumfrey

Head of Relationship Banking (Europe)

Silicon Valley Bank



Belden Menkus

Managing Director

Menkus & Associates

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