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Unlocking talent in a digital world


For many organisations, their initial reaction to the pandemic was to batten down the hatches and prepare for the worst. Staff were furloughed or made redundant, new projects cancelled and new internal processes, systems and structures implemented. Now, as we begin to emerge from this crisis, many businesses are looking to the medium and long term and thinking about what their new Business as Usual will look like. 

This will lead to many workers having to take on additional duties or learn new skills in order for businesses to adapt and continue to deliver on customer expectations. The organisations that fare better over the next year, will be those that are able to quickly and effectively leverage all useful talent hidden within their existing teams.

In this interactive virtual roundtable discussion, we look at:

  • The different ways organisations can adapt to the new circumstances
  • How organisations identify and develop the necessary skills within their workforce
  • How to create effective practices to harness and retain those skills for most impact.



Catherine de la Poer

Chief Growth Officer

Sheridan Resolutions


Caroline Sheridan


Sheridan Resolutions


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