Network webinar

Creating & Maintaining Goodwill during a Crisis


The COVID-19 pandemic has been arguably the most testing time in modern history for the human race. We have changed the way we live in a short space of time, social distancing from family and friends and working virtually. Organisations have been tested enormously, taking them to limits they have never experience before, from heart-breaking decisions on the workforce through to full scale reviews of how businesses will operate in the future.

Employee engagement, for better or worse, has never been more consistent. CEOs are running weekly, and some cases daily, company updates providing their people with a personal touch from the top and actively requesting feedback and thoughts on what the company can do to change, adapt and react. Because of this, many companies have seen their pulse surveys come back more positive than ever before. 

  • But how can this goodwill be maintained when the potentially hardest decisions lay ahead? 
  • Has the goodwill that you have built up been affected due to furlough, salary-reductions and other situations?
  • How are employees reacting to the decisions you make? Is there going to be a long-term affect?
  • And what are organisations doing to be ruthless but compassionate in their decision making? 

In this session we will cover these areas and more, with members having the opportunity to discuss and share their own experiences and what they are doing to ensure the goodwill they have worked hard to create, remains.


Derek Carter




Euan Blair




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