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AI Driven Cyber Attacks - Does your company have an AI-based protection system?


The digital battleground has shifted from nation-states to corporations. With cybercrime projected to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021, and with attacks causing damage in seconds, it’s critical that security technology can fight back.

We know it’s not enough to merely rely on rules based, predefined playbooks to secure our digital and organisational assets. So, as threats become smarter, stealthier and potentially powered by AI, we must, keep up with our adversaries and use AI as a defence.

By analysing previous attacks and looking to the future, our speaker will discuss how he responded to being breached by a sophisticated cyber-attack, and how he has considered threats such as ransomware, OT and IT convergence, and building a sustainable roadmap that can adapt to an uncertain future.


Profile photo of Eleanor Weaver

Eleanor Weaver

Division Director

Darktrace Industrial


Cy Glaister

Head of Cyber Security

Drax Group Plc


Jitender Arora

Chief Information Security Officer



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