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How the COO can the get the best out of their CISO


Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is one of the most misunderstood job titles in business. The requirements depend on business size, tech maturity, operating environment and many other factors.

CISOs have the shortest tenure of all the C-level, with lack of understanding, high stress and pressure to perform regularly given as reasons for leaving positions.

And yet they are critical to getting Board and Exec support and delivering a secure business – and can be the CIO/CTOs most important tool/collaborator in these cyber-insecure times. In this meeting John Meakin and Rob Newby will draw on their long and deep experience as CISOs to walk you through effective working with Boards and Execs, describing the challenges they have faced and solutions they have put in place, with lenses on corporate governance, stakeholder management, cyber strategy and continuous improvement.


John Meakin 

CISO and Cyber-Security Advisor

Cyber CISO Ltd


Rob Newby

CISO | Interim | NED



Emma Burrows

Managing Director - Operations

CIO Connect, Singapore


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