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Millennials in the workplace


The recipe for attracting tomorrow’s leaders is on every organisation’s wish list. 

Arguably, millennials are the best-educated generation ever. They are the first truly globalised generation of workers and these digital natives can bring efficiency, creative problem-solving and innovation to the workplace. Millennials though, differ from previous generations in having higher expectations from their employers.

More than ever, this generation values positive company culture, work-life balance, meaningful work, and social and ethical responsibility.

These expectations can lead to challenges for business leaders especially around issues of career paths, responsibility, performance and promotion. Now, everything from communication style to management techniques to organizational structures becomes important if you want to meet all your employees’ needs. 


Tim Smith

Director of Communications and Public Affairs

White Hat


Shauna Hutchinson

24 Housing,

Young Leader of the Year 2019


Ria Bailes

Group Director of People & Change  

One Housing


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