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Smart Collaboration for In-house Legal Teams


For any in-house legal team there is always a need to work across functions and at all levels within an organisation. This accessibility and organisational awareness are key to its wider value. However, the service nature of legal teams means that it is very easy to be perceived simply as a cost centre rather than a business partner. Furthermore, CLO’s must be seen as thought partners to their C-Suite colleagues if they are to operate and collaborate effectively at a strategic level within the business.

At this roundtable we look at how legal can sustain collaboration within the team itself but with key stakeholders across the organisation. 

Discussion points for this session include:

  • Where are you on your strategic influence journey?
  • How legal teams can realise the full potential of their legal and non-legal talent
  • What CLOs can do to earn credibility for their commercial acumen as well as legal expertise
  • How Lawyers can use their access across organisations to bridge silos and foster collaboration
  • Practical example of when collaboration fails.


Heidi K. Gardner

Distinguished Fellow & Lecturer on Law

Harvard Law School


Richard Harris

Chief Legal Officer & Company Secretary

Robert Walters

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