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Demonstrating the value of the legal team


In good times or bad, it is essential to the success of any in-house legal team to be able to demonstrate their value to the business. KPIs and benchmarking activities can go a long way in showing how well the team are doing but in order to really elevate the standing of the legal team, requires a multi-prong approach.

In this roundtable discussion, we explore the ways that legal team leaders can effectively market themselves internally. This includes the soft skills required to change the perceptions of key stakeholders, understanding and influencing the internal politics of the C-Suite and how to shift the perception of the legal team from operational to strategic.

Discussion points include:

  • Identifying who matters most in the business
  • Becoming a customer-centric team
  • Understanding the business model, environment and financial position
  • Speaking the language of the C-Suite: focus on value generators
  • Branding the department
  • Using the right KPIs and Benchmarks


Alexis Alexander

General Counsel



Sarah Gray

Group Legal Director

The Post Office

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