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Is Working from home really working?


It is now accepted that we are experiencing a revolution in remote working and flexible working practices, but has our management culture to evolved at the same pace?

Businesses have adopted and adapted processes and technology remarkably quickly but what is now emerging is that the toolkit that team leaders require in order to manage their teams effectively and maintain performance is less developed. With many companies now implementing permanent working from home polices, HR leaders must get to grips with how the nature of leadership and people management must change accordingly and set out the learning and development priorities for managers to effectively lead remotely.

In this session, we look at a range of issues that factor in this new paradigm. Including, how to managing the cultural shift from measuring effort to focussing on output; how performance targets are can change and; how employee happiness is linked to business success.


Daniel Kasmir

Chief People and Procurement Officer




Chris Rowlands

Group Director

Executive Network Group Ltd


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