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Building Resilience, Wellbeing & Performance


How is the pandemic impacting our resilience and wellbeing? Mark Davies has been a resilience coach for 20 years and over the past two months has delivered over 40 virtual sessions for a large infrastructure client. During these sessions, several common themes have emerged as a source of stress and anxiety amongst workers: long working days; back-to-back video meetings; inability to unplug from work in the evening; poor sleep quality and; balancing work with family responsibilities and childcare. 

Sound familiar?

In this workshop, Mark will explore these challenges and offers some approaches to cope with these pressures within a scientific peer-reviewed model of resilience and performance. 

Topics covered include:

  • Hints and tips for developing motivational days, switching off effectively and enjoying downtime.
  • The neuroscience of social engagement & collaboration and why it supports performance, wellbeing and resilience. Can we still socially engage through virtual meetings?
  • How stress affects decision-making and can reduce collaborative behaviour
  • How our autonomic nervous system is hardwired to be successful at experiencing and adapting to stress


Mark Davies


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