Network webinar

The role of data in supporting commercial decision making


In recent years, the proliferation of technology and connected devices has given rise to an explosion in data. In this joint CMO/CFO meeting, we will discuss the new and innovative ways organisations are using data in order to underpin key commercial decisions, drive strategy, predict future trends and produce actionable customer insights.

In this virtual roundtable discussion we will hear how marketing teams can leverage their data more and how skills and experience from finance colleagues can be used to great effect. We also explore how better data analysis allows for more targeted marketing initiatives and better measurement of ROI for marketing initiatives. Data analytics is also a good opportunity for Finance to improve forecasting, but to what extent can/should Finance be involved in demand analysis? And how can responsibilities be defined and agreed between Finance and Marketing to overcome traditional tensions in this area and ensure opportunities are maximised?


Adam Shay 

Global Marketing Director - Resource Solutions

Robert Walters


Mike Aspinall

Chief Financial Officer



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